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By Tony Z - In The Field | Real Estate Pro in San Antonio, TX
  • How do you get smoke, pet, and nasty odors out of a house? This is how...

    Posted Under: Remodel & Renovate in San Antonio, How To... in San Antonio, Property Q&A in San Antonio  |  November 19, 2010 7:29 AM  |  1,781 views  |  3 comments
    Ozone machines and hiring professional services?!?!? This is a rehab question, so you're gonna get a REAL answer from a professional investor. Don't hire services, and spend all kinds of money on big equipment you'll only use once. This is how I teach my students how to do it: 

    1. Remove all carpet and padding from the house, as well as any draperies and furniture (this HAS to be done). 
    2. Buy a couple gallons of OdoBan, and a couple of the off-tint gallons (you know, the mistake gallons they have by the counter, doesn't matter what color) from Home Depot. 
    3. Use a low dilution ratio on the OdoBan, and scrub the entire house, top to bottom. 
    4. Wait 24 hours, scrub a second time. 
    5. Buy some Vanilla or Citrus oil extract from the supermarket (not imitation), one small bottle per gallon that you bought and mix the extract in each gallon. 
    6. Dump the gallons of paint on all the flooring. 
    7. Let it dry for a couple days. 
    8. Have the walls and ceiling painted (neutral colors). 
    9. Install new carpet and padding. 

    This is quick and easy, little bit of elbow grease, but will do the job perfectly. This technique also works well for pet odors, musky and damp smells too. 

    Happy Investing! 


  • Are you investing in Tax Deed Auction properties?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in San Antonio, Foreclosure in San Antonio, How To... in San Antonio  |  November 10, 2010 11:45 AM  |  1,862 views  |  No comments
    Texas is a Tax Deed state as well as many others, and you'll need to check on the specifics in your state (even counties can vary), but your main hurdle in Tax Deed states is going to be redemption periods.  Most Tax auctions have redemption periods from a couple months to a couple years depending on homestead laws, which basically means that even after the auction, the previous owner can "redeem" the taxes, paying (usually) what you paid plus an interest rate.  Most Tax Deed auctions will give you a "sheriff's deed" until the redemption period is expired, then you get a full warrantee deed.  You usually can't do anything (sale/refinance, etc.) more than rent a property until you get the warrantee deed.
    That being said, (in general) most Tax auction properties won't have a mortgage on it.  Why?  Because if it did, the bank would pay the delinquent taxes, then foreclose to protect it's interests.  Now it's not always, but most of the time it is the case.  That's not to say it won't have other liens, judgements, IRS claims, etc., so you do need to do your homework.  If you've got a good relationship with a Title officer, you can ask them to do a "quick search" on the property (most will do it for around $50 bucks), that will give you a one page summary of encumbrances on the property.
    A last note about Tax sales, there is usually a reason the current owner let the property go.  A lot of tax sale properties are trash, lots, irregular, have easements, etc.  For my time invested in researching and pursuing a tax property, I'd rather go after preforeclosure or foreclosure auction properties.

    Questions about Texas Tax or Foreclosure Auctions, contact me through my website: www.ITFtraining.com

    Tony Z
  • Anyone want to play CA$HFLOW 101?

    Posted Under: How To... in San Antonio  |  November 5, 2010 3:05 PM  |  1,559 views  |  No comments
    Hey Everyone!

    Anyone interested in playing Cashflow 101 in San Antonio, we'll be getting together at Panchito's on West Avenue for our monthly game.

    Shoot me an email if you'd like to make it, and I can send you the details.  Thanks everyone, hope to see you!

    Tony Zavala

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