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By MDM REALTY Heidi Zizza | Agent in 01701

A for Asbestos can get you an I for Indictment!


Ok we all know that Asbestos is bad for you, in fact it can and does cause Cancer. However I hear many times from people that after such a long time, it’s no longer active etc… Well I’m not sure where people get their information from, but you really should heed caution here! Asbestos is a CANCER CAUSING material. It takes only one fiber embedded into your lungs to give you Mesothelomia. Asbestos is in many things, not just found on basement pipes. It can be in Vermiculite Insulation, Siding that looks like it has ridges, small vinyl looking tiles that usually measure 9x9 and some roofing tiles as well. It is very important that while doing homeowner repairs that you identify and have a professional remove and properly dispose of the product. This is extremely important because there are legal ramifications for illegally removing of and disposing this hazardous product and guess what your neighbors will rat you out if you do! I recently had a listing in a 2 unit condo building where the downstairs Owner had put trash bags in the windows and had removed all the Asbestos herself, stuffed it into garbage bags and took it to her parents house to dispose of. The neighbors had a hunch and called the EPA who immediately sealed off the area and started a very intense legal process against this woman. She unfortunately also illegally dumped the material at her parents’ house so she involved them in this mess too. The ironic part is that she was a REALTOR who worked for a big franchise company. The cost of removal and clean up in the end is less money than the legal ramifications and legal fees. You can go to Jail!! If you are getting your house ready for sale and you think it would be a good idea to remove the asbestos from the basement so as to not concern buyers, THINK AGAIN! You will only create airborne dust particles of asbestos, contaminate your own home, put your family at risk and get into a lot of legal trouble.  So next you see something that you think is suspect, call a professional or you might end up in the clink!

For more information go to www.epa.gov/asbestos/
written by Heidi Zizza Realtor mdm realty Inc. www.metrowesthomesandlife.com

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