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By De Vonte Williamson | Agent in Setauket, NY
  • Your Invited to Attend an Open House!

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Port Jefferson Station, Agent2Agent in Port Jefferson Station, In My Neighborhood in Port Jefferson Station  |  March 1, 2013 7:48 AM  |  343 views  |  No comments
    Will Not Last! A Rare Availability in Stonington Condominiums. Spacious & Bright 2nd Floor End Unit With Open Floor Plan. Living Room/Dining Room Leads To Maintenance-Free Deck, Kitchen W/ Island, Den, Huge Mbr Suite W/ Full Bath & Jacuzzi. Also a Large Walk-In-Closet, Freshly Painted, New Central-air-Conditioning & Burner, .5 Bath W/ Laundry. Reserved Parking & Low Taxes! Recent Price Adjustment to $264,900. A hot Property with Tons of Interest! Invite your Friends!

    Hope to see you there!

    Date: March 2, 2013

    Time: 12:00-2:00pm

    Location: 142 Captains Way Pt.Jefferson St

  • Did Your Home Fail to Sell? Some Tips To Land You a Sale!

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Suffolk County, Agent2Agent in Suffolk County, Celebrity Homes in Suffolk County  |  January 28, 2013 6:04 AM  |  339 views  |  3 comments

    De Vonte WilliamsonYou have probably tried everything, and are growing weary. You attempted to sell your home by yourself. You put an ad in the newspaper, online, and on the bulletin at the local grocery store, and the local community center. After that failed, you reluctantly listed your home with a professional Real Estate Agent. Now that that experience has come and gone, you are still looking to sell your home but do not know what to do.

    It is not uncommon for individuals to come to a Real Estate Agent exhausted, miserable, and in utter despair. They ultimately want to move on with their lives, but cannot do so unless they sell their home. Broken promises from previous Agents, expensive costs accrued from the marketing of their home when they tried to sell on their own, and still no sale. Here are some quick steps that are guaranteed to land you as sale, in any real estate market, under any and all economic decisions.

    1. Take a step back and Examine your home.

    If your home has failed to sell, obviously there is a reason for it. I always suggest implementing these “8 Tips to a Sale” when homeowners are frustrated with the numerous attempts to sell their home. The most critical step is to step back and examine your home. If you were a buyer looking at multiple homes a day, what would you be looking for? You would be looking for someplace that you can come home to after a longs day work. You would be looking for a home with a well manicured lawn, neat and clean yard, nice curb appeal, a nice relaxing entrance foyer, spacious living room, etc. However, when you notice unfinished odd jobs, leaks, and a cluttered décor, it can be hard to see anything else. That is why it is so important to take this time to reflect on what changes may be necessary to attract the most of the market share/ buyerpool for your home.

    2. Bring in an outside source for professional guidance.

    It is always a great idea to bring in a Real Estate professional such as an Agent, Home Stager, or Designer. These individuals have the expertise, and can assist you in noticing the flaws that may be undesirable to potential buyers. They can provide you with simple fixes, and show you ways that can enhance how your home shows to perspective buyers. The better your home shows to potential buyers, the more offers you can expect to receive!

    3. Make changes, updates, upgrades, etc. Make your Home Stand Out From The Rest!

    Now that you that you have armed yourself with knowledge, you can release your power by acting. Be sure to make the suggested changes and upgrades, and that you make your home stand out from the rest. I often tell my clients who are extremely anxious to get out of their current homes, and on with their lives,

    “If your competitions home’s grass is green, your home’s grass has to be greener. You have to be better than all the rest, if you expect to get something done, unlike the rest!”

    If you expect top dollar for your home, you cannot sacrifice this category. You have to make sure that your home is unique. For example, I had a client whose home was priced in line with the competition, but there was one thing that set my clients home apart. My clients home was meticulously kept. Not only were they the original owners, but they took extreme pride in the value of homeownership. This is exuded to prospective buyers once they walk into the door. You have to stand out from all the rest.

    “In a competitive Real Estate Market, you have to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing, if you expect to get exceptional results!”

    4. Interview a few Full-Time Real Estate Professionals, and Hire one.

    There are many Real Estate Agents throughout Long Island. However, only about 8% of all Licensed Real Estate Agents are Full-Time. Hiring an Agent that is not full-time will result in less than par service. How can you expect to get ahold of your Agent when you have a question, if they are an Accountant during the day? You may want to ask friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

    However, I find that selecting an Agent is less of a science, and more of an art! It is all about, “do you feel comfortable hiring this person to market your property in its best light, negotiate on your behalf, and work in your best interests?” I suggest interviewing at least three Real Estate Agents before choosing to hire one. You may also want to interview Agents from different brokerages. You may also want to work with a Brokerage who is known for selling your style of a home. For example, do not hire the little mom and pop Real Estate Agency on Main Street, if there average sales price is $600,000 and your home is in the neighborhood of about $1,800,000. However, having a broker that is more “upscale” represent you while you are in the lower price bracket is a good thing, because it will allow your home to get more market exposure.

    5. Have Your Agent Develop a Marketing Strategy.

    A Marketing Strategy is an Agent’s individual proven success plan. Put it in writing! An Agent may give you a marketing strategy verbally, but whatever is on paper, is more important! Anyone can say anything, but having a written plan shows step-by-step, the process that Your Agent is going to implement, in order to get your home sold! If an Agent does not supply you with a Marketing Strategy in writing, run the other way.

    6. Have Your Agent Develop a Positioning Strategy. (Price it Right)

    Positioning your home in the marketplace is vital. Your home has to be priced right, and targeted to the largest market share possible, in order for you to get your home sold. Put the Positioning Strategy in Writing! A Positioning Strategy consists of pricing strategies, pre-planned price adjustments, as well as positioning your home to the largest number of prospective buyers as possible. If your Agent does not develop a positioning strategy, your home will surely sit on the market, and remain unsold.

    7. Carry out the Marketing and Positioning Strategy.

    Now that you and your Real Estate Professional have done all your homework and legwork, it is time to implement! When you have completed the steps above, it is safe to place your home on the market. Make sure when your home is listed, your internet exposure is massive. 88% of prospective homebuyers begin their search online. You may want to double-check your pictures, and descriptions, to make sure they reflect your home in its best light.

    8. Await for the Offers and Re-position if Required.

    You’ve done all that you can to prepare your home for sale, and you seem anxious awaiting for an offer. This is not unusual. My clients often ask me, “what’s next?” All you have to do is wait! This can be an awkward time for you because you have been so used to being involved in the prepping of your home for the market. Now that your home is on the market, it is up to the Agent you hired to get the job done. However, during this time, you may want to track your showing activity. How many appointments were made to see your home during the first week? What about the second and third week? You want to get a healthy number on a weekly basis. This will let you know whether or not you are positioned correctly in the marketplace.

    But in the meantime, sit back, relax and start packing!

    I hope you found this information helpful. Feel free to pass it along. If you have questions about your local Real Estate market, or if you have previously had no success in your attempt to sell your home, and are really interested in selling your home, I will be glad to answer your questions and further assist you. You can call me at 631-638-6193 or email me at DeVonte.Williamson@cbmoves.com. You can also visit my website or read more on my blog.

     © copyright 2012 by De Vonte Williamson The material presented in this blog may not be reproduced or appropriated in any way without the explicit permission of the author.


  • Preparing to Sell your Home in 2013? Some helpful Tips!

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Suffolk County, Agent2Agent in Suffolk County  |  December 12, 2012 9:13 AM  |  317 views  |  1 comment

    Are you planning on making a change in the upcoming year? Downsizing, upgrading, or moving out of state? If you are planning on placing your home on the market in the new year, there are a few tips that will help you get the most bang for your buck, and ultimately assist you in maximizing the return on your investment.

    DeVonte Williamson

    1. Less is More: Let your homes charm and character shine as soon as a potential buyer steps foot on the sidewalk. Make sure that the exterior of your home is neat, well lit, green and lush. You should also de-clutter and cleanup areas around the front door. Potential buyers will have the opportunity to observe your entryway while their Agent unlocks your door. Make sure that there are no cobwebs, the door is in good shape, and that the entranceway is overall, inviting. Many buyers believe it or not, know if the home is right for them right before they even get a chance to open the front door.

    2. De-clutter: Your home could be the best house on the block, but if you have a wall full of pictures and awards, and a bunch of little nick-nacks throughout your home, buyers will not see past it. You only get one shot at making a first impression, so make it a lasting one! Remember, once you put your home on the market, it is no longer yours. You have to appeal to the masses!

    3. Atmosphere:  Have you ever gone into someones home and felt uncomfortable? Whether it be the cat or dog that keeps jumping around, or the smell in the air that makes you run for the door. Setting the right scene during showings is vital. Make sure that once you open the door to your home, it will feel like home to everyone else. Bake fresh cookies to make the home warm and inviting. Erect fresh flowers on the living room table to bring life and a sense of relaxation. Make sure beds are made and the home is free of any objectionable odors like pets. The smell of cigarettes, mothballs and perfume can make a lot of potential buyers uneasy and cause them to rush the previewing of your home. Your goal is to get them to stay in your home as long as possible. The longer they stay, the more comfortable they are, and the more interested they will be.  You may also want to consider having carpets cleaned regularly, and finishing up any odd jobs around the house. Don’t forget that homebuyers preview many homes throughout the week, and often the same day. You have to make your home stand out from the competition. Also consider constructing your own letter about how the house has made you happy while you have lived there, and leaving it out with the fresh cookies for buyers to take when they preview your home. Doing this will exude a sense of pride to the potential buyer.

    4. Price it right for multiple offers: Yes, even today in December 2012, including here on Long Island, it is not impossible to receive multiple offers on well priced homes. I am not telling anyone to underprice or give their home away, I am just saying–price it right the first time, and it is guaranteed to sell! If your home is the minority in the area, meaning that it needs a tremendous amount of work, you should not be priced like everyone else. You should price your home to reflect the repairs and updates needed, and give the potential homebuyer the incentive of buying your home. Homes in ideal neighborhoods that need some work, and that are well priced, are the homes seeing the most action, and multiple offers. Let your home be one of them!

    I hope you found this information helpful. If you or someone you know is currently looking to sell their home in 2013, feel free to pass this along. If you have questions about your Real Estate Investment, or about the Long Island Real Estate Market conditions, I will be glad to answer your questions and further assist you. You can call me at 631-384-3695 or email me at DeVonte.Williamson@cbmoves.com. You can also visit my website or read more on my blog.

    All content contained herein:
    © copyright 2012 by De Vonte Williamson
    The material presented in this blog may not be reproduced or appropriated in any way without the explicit permission of the author.

  • Old Field, NY Coldwell Banker Previews Property

    Posted Under: Agent2Agent in Suffolk County  |  August 21, 2012 9:33 AM  |  290 views  |  No comments
    For more information, contact De Vonte Williamson, LSA of Coldwell Banker Residential at 631-638-6193.


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