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By David Lightburn | Broker in Atlanta, GA

6 Free Steps to Make Your Atlanta Home More Appealing to Buyers

Looking for ways to improve your home's showings for no cost? Check these out:

  1.  "Put Your Lights on..." Would you ever visit a home where the listing flier reads like this? "Beautiful Atlanta home with closed in family room, lots of darkness---so gloomy it feels like home!" Ummmm...I am thinking no---unless of course you're Wes Craven. You wouldn't describe your home this way so don't let it look that way either. Therefore, open the blinds and drapes and let in the light. Natural light will make your home seem bigger and the brightness will make potential buyers happy. Darkness is claustrophobic. Darkness is sad. Dark and gloomy will make a  home buyer associate those things with your house. With apologies to Emily Dickinson---Happiness is the new sad.
  2. Other senses make sense too Sight is not the only sense that buyers use when they see your home. Moldy smell in the basement? Carpet smell like the business end of your cat? Doors and cabinets squeaky? Sorry, buddy, you just got scratched off the short list. Home showings are all-encompassing sensory experiences. Make sure your home is prepared.
  3. Looks really don't matter...That's just something ugly houses say You can't get back first impressions. Just like a date, your home needs to be ready to go from the outset. Any sore thumbs on the exterior (think: curb appeal) and you'll immediately be fighting an uphill battle with the possibility of losing those buyers for good. Make sure your lawn is cut and the landscaping is pruned and that there's some color (flowers) in the front. Your Atlanta home needs to look and feel alive (There I go with the making the home buyers feel happy theme again!). Put out a Welcome mat or hang wreath on the door. If you have a portico or porch make sure you are free of eight-legged hanger-ons and their webby remains. Make sure the door handle to the front door is cleaned up or replaced. Clean, touch-up, or paint your front door. Your home needs to put it's best foot(ing) forward and look it's best on the outside. If it doesn't, then buyers won't give it an opportunity to show all the wonderful things that your home can offer on the inside. With so much inventory on the market, once a home is crossed off the list, it is rare that it will be revisited despite how much pleading you may do.
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By David & Samuel Rifkin,  Thu May 2 2013, 12:45
Thank you for this great information.

Samuel Rifkin
The Rifkin Team

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