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By Yolanda Hayes, Sold By Yolanda | Broker in 28673
  • 3 Ways To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Agent

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Charlotte, How To... in Charlotte  |  October 22, 2012 5:38 AM  |  1,366 views  |  No comments

    3 Ways To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Agent


    Whether you are buying a new home or selling your current home, it's very important to keep a close and honest relationship with your agent.

    Once you have officially hired your agent there is a bond created. You and your agent will begin to spend more time together and eventually develop a friendship vs a business relationship. An agent protects you, fights for you and there for you during tough times just like a friend so you don't want to break that bond. Here are 3 ways to maintain a good relationship:

    1) Trust and Honesty 

    When you initially contact an agent, start off explaining your situation truthfully. There is an old saying in the business "Buyers Are Liars". Several people exaggerate their income, debt and credit scores when they actually don't have the ability to qualify for a mortgage loan. Save yourself the embarrassment...the truth will come out once the loan officer pulls your credit and ask for your bank statements. Once you have a trust bond and show that you are serious, your agent will stand by you and connect you with professionals to help build your credit and budget your income. If that trust is broken, your agent may not take you seriously and invest their time into their more serious prospects.

    2) Communication 
    Not responding to emails, text or phone calls when your agent is trying to get in contact with you is wrong on so many levels. Disappearing or M.I.A. in the middle of a transaction is a sure way to lose a deal. Make yourself available throughout the home buying process because there are deadlines to be met and documents to be signed and if you're not available this can make or break a deal. This puts your agent if a very bad space when the seller is demanding a response within a set time frame. I understand that things come up and you may not be able to talk on the phone but sending a quick text or email to respond to a question is not too much to ask of you.

    3) Respect 
    Your agent is licensed and trained so start off knowing that they are working on your behalf. Don't hire an agent then question their capabilities to get the job done. Try not to jump online and begin to work harder than your agent. If you have provided your agent with a "wish list" and the area you would like to live in, they will find the home. Real estate agents do not know every inch of the market but they have the resources to find the answers.

    Also, respect your agents time. They have to balance their time for family, friends and work just like you do so make sure you ask their work hours. I'm personally in bed by 9:30pm (I know I know...I have my Betty White moments) so when I receive a call at 10:30pm from a client asking about a property, they are not respecting my time. Only call your agent during their work hours unless they have given you permission to call late. Waiting until the following business day or sending an email is the best route.

    I hope these few little real estate tips will help you when you are ready to buy or sell!

    Did You Know?

    Tanger Mall Outlets have just announced that they are coming to Charlotte!! Yes, it's true. Plans have begun to develop a new 350,000 square feet Tanger Outlet Center in Steele Creek at the intersection of Steele Creek Road and I-485. Creating 300 construction jobs and 900 full-time/part time jobs once the mall opens.

    Steele Creek is one of the fastest growing residential area in Mecklenburg County so stay tuned!!

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