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By Cameron Bamberger | Agent in San Francisco, CA

Worst Use of Real Estate Marketing Words?

I am over luxury.  What does it even mean?  We repeat these words mindlessly in this business, until they are meaningless.  Why beautiful?  That’s just dull, the opposite of beautiful, really, right?  If you say it every day 5 times it sort of loses its impact, I mean.

Chic?  Or Sheik.  No, that’s a joke.  But really, Chic?  How many real estate agents have you met who you would describe as chic?  The French ones?  How is a real estate agent the authority on chic?  Or hip?  Hip replacement surgery?

Believe me, I am not saying that I don’t use these words as well.  I carry them around in my marketing first aid kit like band-aids, to be applied at any time I falter for descriptive adjectives.  We can’t get too creative either- we don’t want to appear to be weird.  And our clients do want what everybody else has.  But why?  Wouldn’t you want to stand out in a sea of sameness?  Unless you feel compelled to jump on the coattails of something that already really works and you want to copy, emulate or be associated with.  I did not study marketing, but I’ll bet that’s the whole strategy- associating.  Technical term?

“Sexy”…Disturbing?  That descriptor makes me feel funny when I associate it with real estate…  Worst misspelling of “spacious” I have seen in a property listing:  “specious”.  Worst misspelling of “expansive”: “expensive” (though “expensive” I do sort of like).   But using some of these words feels comfortable, like putting on slippers at the end of the day.  Ahhh, “stylish!”

I vote for a dictionary of new terms for real estate only.  Here are some of my inventions that I would like to nominate for inclusion:

“Crustic”-   mixture of crusty and rustic, handy when showing old houses

“Luxive”- striving to be perceived as pricey

“Blower Upper” – okay I only heard that one, I am not claiming I invented it.  That one is self-explanitory

This saying is not really related to real estate, but you could throw it in there and I did invent it:

“Chopping my yam”-  wasting my time with something I would rather not be doing as in, “Quit chopping my yam.”



By Bill Williams,  Tue Jul 26 2011, 22:10
I love creative real estate euphemisms: Small (cozy); cheap (affordable); hideously appointed (cosmetic fixer); terrible layout (best per-square-foot); stinky (spicy)
By Cameron Bamberger,  Tue Jul 26 2011, 22:24
spicy, haha, never heard that one!
By Wes Black,  Wed Jul 27 2011, 04:45
Thanks for this bit of humor!
By John Souerbry,  Wed Jul 27 2011, 07:42
Extremely pleasant humorisity.

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