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By Benjamin Smith | Broker in Chicago, IL

It's Time to Up Your Game

It's New Years Day, 2013.  What does the world of real estate have in store for you?  We still have very high unemployment combined with the ongoing problems caused by the mortgage crisis.  If you're wondering when things will get back to normal you might be waiting a long time!  What else can you do?  I'm going to start off by viewing the world from a different angle, since the problems we face might be a small side issue compared to what may be coming.

Does it cause you stress that the public view our profession with the same disdain as used car salesmen?  Instead of pondering how the public is so wrong, is anyone asking if they are actually right?  What would you think if you wanted advice on buying a used car and the dealer said "Speed, Speed, Speed!" or "Low mileage, low mileage, low mileage!" as if it qualified as actual advice?  That's exactly what people are thinking when a realtor answers "Location, Location, Location!" and when people hear it enough they form their impressions of the whole profession.  Whether or not location is important is a side issue.  Is it important enough to be the primary advertisement of your usefullness?

In 2013 I will be busting my ass to show the world what a realtor can be, and I'm not afraid to leave many of you behind.  Adam Savage made a career out of testing and overturning long-held, deeply ingrained beliefs on his television show Mythbusters.  His advice: "People who are smart and work hard are, in fact, so hard to find that they stick out like sore thumbs. In the right way."  The world doesn't need another realtor giving the same old advice.
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