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By Allyson Hoffman | Broker in Glenview, IL

Remodel or Sell - Should You Stay or Should You Go?

You loved your house when you bought it and now it seems old and tired. You suddenly hate the floor plan and the paint and your plumbing has seen better days. Do you sell your home or remodel?

Homeowners realize they need a change for many reasons: Some have growing families, others need a home office and still others have problems with their home's plumbing and electrical work.

But whatever the reason, the homeowner has two options for change summed up in the simple question: Should I stay or should I go? Remodel or move?

However, choosing whether to remodel or move is not simple. There are many factors both financial and emotional to consider, so where do you start?

On the financial end, location determines the value of the property and whether a remodeling project or a move will be worth the money spent.

Location also helps shape an owner's gut feeling about whether to stay or go.

Some people are willing to live in an older home without the bells and whistles of newer construction because it is in a very desirable school district. Proximity to work, shopping, play, daycare and aging parents also may come into play.

If owners like the location and general feeling of the current home, it usually can be turned into their dream house.

Can you find another home with the same features in the area you want to be in?.

All other factors being equal though, she says owners should trust their feelings!

Are you stuck on the fence on whether to remodel or sell? Contact me today for professional help with your situation!


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