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Helping Your Carpet Survive The Summer Party Season

Summer parties and outdoor entertaining are a staple of many Atlanta household schedules. Although most of the action may be outside by the pool or on the deck around the barbecue a summer party still usually means that there will be lots of people will be inside your home as well which can mean big trouble for your carpet and your upholstery. Making your home off limits is one way to prevent all of that but it is not very hospitable so for most people stain prevention, and a plan to call in a professional carpet cleaning company if things do go wrong, is the answer instead.


Party Carpet Stains from Nature


If you are entertaining by the pool, or on the lawn, the chances are good that at least one guest will make their way through the house with dirty shoes. Simple dirt should be fairly easy to handle with vacuuming later but grass stains can be a little more troublesome.


If you happen to notice a grass stain right away you are in good shape. The green chlorophyll in grass is quite strong and can "set" quickly. To prevent this from happening as far as possible blot the stain with a simple solution of two cups of water and one tablespoon of either a mild dish-washing detergent or simple household white vinegar. Do not scrub the stain though, blot it with a clean cloth and then make sure your repeat the process with clean water to remove the solution - and hopefully much of the grass stain - afterwards.


Party Carpet Stains from Guests


You may be serving food outside but it will still probably make its way inside at some point and the same will probably be true for the drinks you are serving as well and spills will often occur.


If spills are seen (or pointed out to you) right away then you will at least know what has been dropped onto your carpet and that may help to clean the stain up the right way. However most people do not discover party related stains on their carpet until everyone has gone home and then trying to figure out how to treat the stain the right way can become a frustrating guessing game.


If you are not sure what the stains are, or if you are trying use simple stain removal methods but they are not working rather than damage your carpet even further consider calling in a professional carpet cleaning company. They will be able to treat the stains properly and help return your carpet to its pre-party state quickly and efficently.





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